Sunday, May 2, 2010


It finally happened. I knew it would probably be sooner than later, but still it took me by surprise. It was no more than three, maybe four years old, but had been having issues for some time now. Then, a couple of months ago, I read a report on the net that said Acer was one of the top three worst computers to buy, and that their laptops generally had a life expectancy of three years. Well, I am here to confirm that report. I was busy making a worksheet for my Sunday School class last Wednesday, when out of nowhere the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH appears. It wouldn't restart, or even allow me to put in the installation disk.
The next day, my husband, Rob, took the laptop to work to have their tech guy look at it, but so far he's had no luck with it. So here I am, thankful this little dinosaur of a dell still works, but wishing I had my wide screen back. And my sd card reader. And my photoshop cs (this one DOES have photoshop 7, but it's not the same!)
The good news is, I had recently backed up most of my digiscrap kits, brushes, etc onto a dvd, and I've been keeping all my genealogy stuff on my jump drive, so my two favorite hobbies are safe. Unfortunately, if the tech guy can't salvage anything, I may have lost an entire year's worth of preschool pictures, right when I was getting ready to put together the kid's end of the year albums. But such is life. If anyone loves me enough to buy me a Mac, or even a really nice PC, let me know... I'll give you my shipping address! But in the mean time, back to genealogy...


  1. Angie:
    I can relate, my laptop just died at 3 years and I lost a year's worth of photos too! I was never good at backing things up but I'm much better now! Very interesting story about your civil war soldier. Thanks for sharing and welcome to geneabloggers!

  2. I'm so sorry about your computer. I don't back up nearly enough - and your pain is a good reminder to me of its importance. I get nervous just thinking about working without my laptop... I hope things are better now.

    Good posts - and welcome to geneabloggers! :-)