Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Madness - More Computer Misery!

Oh, the joys of technology! Just when I was getting used to being without my regular laptop, and had consoled myself because I had the forethought to save a lot of my files to the jumpdrive...*sigh*

I pull out the jump drive to access some genealogy files for Monday Madness... but there's no genealogy folder!!! Are you kidding me?

I mean, it's not like I'd cut my family tree down to a stump, but still, what an inconvenience! Fortunately the muster rolls I had just discovered on my Civil War grandfather has already been posted on the blog here, so I can retrieve them (a lesser quality than what I'd had saved, but at least they're here.) And a lot of files I can pull up again on ancestry, but the biggest frustration are the stories I had recently transcribed from my grandfather and great aunt. I wrote those up fresh, just hours after we had sat reminiscing. I'm sure I can still recount the tales they told, but they will no doubt lack the magic of the moment the original documents held.

I don't know what happened. I am 100% certain the genealogy folder was on the jump drive before the laptop crashed. Why or when would I have taken it off? Grrrr....

So today, my first foray into Monday Madness has me pulling my hair out, not over an elusive ancestor, or an unreadable census record. And it doesn't have me sharing any secrets of mental instability in my family's past (I'm sure I'll get to that in time!) I am simply driven mad today by that little thing we can't do without...TECHNOLOGY!

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  1. Oh boy! Technology is wonderful until it crashes! Hope it doesn't happen again!