Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cummons Family Photo Gallery

Yes, that's me in the center, as much as I may have looked like a little boy! At that time, I was the only grandchild, so there were no little boys available for this "generations" photo.
From left to right: William H. Cummons (great grandfather), Robert Alan Cummons (father), Robert Arthur Cummons (grandfather).

My mother and father, before I came into existence.
Carolyn Y. Malone, Robert Alan Cummons

My grandfather and grandmother on their wedding day, circa 1953.
Robert Arthur Cummons, Nellie Joyce Tomblin

My great grandparents
William H. Cummons, Bessie Virginia Sprouse

My great, great grandfather
Henry Arthur (Blackie) Cummons

Now, here's a little mystery to be solved:

This is a picture of Grandpa Blackie's wife, Anna Bell Davis
Now take a look at the picture below:

My grandpa insists that THIS is also Anna Bell, but that doesn't add up. Look at the age of the photo, as well as the dress. I would take a guess that this is actually my great, great, great grandmother, Causby Jane Patterson, wife of James Hamilton Cummons! I sure would like to be able to confirm that theory some day!

So there you have it! A simple photographical run down of my Cummons line, as I know it thus far.

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