Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hi, I'm Angie. And this is the "re-launch" of my blog. My original blog, "Backstage with Puppet Girl", was random and scattered... and mostly full of useless ramblings. After a while, it just sat on the web, unused, unread... but finally! Inspiration has taken over!

I have spent the past 12 years digging around my family's history, mostly through the internet. I've never had the opportunity to travel and do the down and dirty digging... but I've been fortunate enough to uncover quite a bit of my past. Perhaps, if I can gather all of that information here, on my blog, I can share my findings with others... and maybe even uncover a few more branches to my tree!

My roots are mostly Irish... my father was a Cummons, my mother a Malone. Those are the two names I have mostly dug into. Other names in my tree include, from my paternal side, Tomblin, Workman, Patterson, and Sprouse; and from my mother's side, Evans, McFann, and Carroll.

So, please, come back often, as I hope to be posting stories, documents, and photos soon... so that all of you can be sure and know that my roots are, indeed, showing!

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