Friday, August 20, 2010

Celebrating Irish Heritage (Random pics from the Dublin Irish Festival)

Well, it's been months since my blog has been visited, but today's a slow day, and after taking a break for a while, the genealogy bug is biting again! I actually started this post back in September, but had trouble getting pictures to load, so I thought I'd better get this post up before moving on to meatier things! I hope you enjoy!
On August 7 and 8, I made my first trip to Dublin, Ohio's Irish Festival. The festival actually began on the 6th, and my best-y (along with her sister) went down the first night. I had another commitment on Saturday morning, so I joined my friend (her sister had already headed back home) that afternoon. I had heard about the festival for a couple of years, but had no idea how large it was... or how much fun it would be! In the 30 some hours I was there, there was no end to the good music, dance, story telling - I even attended an Irish "wake" (I say that in quotes because you couldn't feel too badly for the passing of the stuffed character they had laid out inside the tent!) Here are some random pictures, and hopefully a video or two if I can get them to upload, of the weekend I spent celebrating my heritage:

I got to meet up with the younger generation of Malone cousins!

Enter the Haggis!

Men in kilts! (There were many... and some looked better than others! *grin*)


Girsha - these gals were great!

The Clancy Legacy, for those who enjoy more traditional Irish tunes.

I didn't get to see Gaelic Storm, since they performed on Friday evening, but I was happy to discover Scythian... talk about a high octane performance! These guys were a ton of fun!

And the crown jewel of the weekend... meeting St. Patrick himself! Ha Ha!

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  1. Welcome Back!! Great pics; looks like a fun festival. Cheers! Jennifer